"The land of men series-6"
  42,5x31,5cm, collage,mixed media, 2017

"The land of men series-5"
 42,5x31,5cm, collage ,mixed media, 2017

"Residents of a city series-7"
 51x31cm,collage,mixed media, 2018

"Residents of a city series-8"
 51x31cm, collage,mixed media, 2018

"The land of men series-4"
  50x30cm, collage,mixed media, 2017

"The land of men series-3"
  50x30cm, collage,mixed media, 2017

"The land of men series-1"
  44x29cm, collage,mixed media, 2016

"The land of men series-2"
  44x29cm, collage,mixed media, 2016

"Fall series-3"
 50x42cm, collage,mixed media, 2016

"Fall series-4"
 50x42cm,collage,mixed media, 2016

     "Composition series-0,1"
       95x153cm, collage,mixed mdeia, 2015

  "Warfare series-0,1"

    34x100cm, iron, 2017

    153x153cm, mixed media, 2017

   "Warfare series-0,2"

    "Fal series-1"
    76x91cm, mixed media,collage-objects", 2015

    "Fall series-2"
    71x62cm,mixed media,collage-objects, 2016

    mixed media, 2015

   "Composition series-1,2"
    41x67cm,collage, mixed media,oil on board, 2014

    "Man potrait-3"
     35x28cm,collage,mixed media,2014

 34x27cm, collage,mixed media, 2014

   "Danger "
    50x39cm,mixed media,collage-objects, 2017

    ''Man potrait-6''
      29,5x18,5cm, cillage mixed media, 2016

     70x50cm, collage-objects, 2015

    "Composition series-3,1"
    50x69cm, collage, mixed media, oil on board, 2014

    75x95cm, oil on canvas, 2012