1987    Was born in Tavush, Armenia

2011    Graduated from Panos Terlemezian State Collage of

2015  A member of the international Federation af Artists and the Union of Artist of the Russian Federation

Participated in a number of group exhibitions in Armenia, Lebanon ,England and  Russia, Rewarded  with diplomas and letters of acknowledgement

Individual exhibitions

2018  Yerevan Museum of Modern Art,Yerevan,Armenia


2008-"A step forward" in Artist Union of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia.

2009-"Lost Motherland"  Terlemezian gallery, Yerevan, Armenia.

2010-"Armenia-Ross"  Russia.

2011-Participated in an exhibition of young artists sponsored by the President of the Republic of Armenia.

2012-"Simpony of Colors"  Beirut, Lebanon.

2012-"New Generation, Selected Artists"   Yerevan, Armenia.

2012-"Give a Life"  Yerevan, Armenia.

2013 -10th Anniversary of Arame Art Gallery.

2014- Group exhibition, Lincoln, United  Kingdom.

2016- Ethno Art fest Russia-Great Britain" London, Great Britain

Romeo Melikyan's paintings are in private collections in Armenia, Russia, Lebanon,Germany. United Kingdom and USA.